Rain Soaked

Jokes were being made in the press room as people chatted about the upcoming game and the possible storm system that would hit Ann Arbor, MI in the middle of the game. But after walking out into 90 degree baking hot weather for the first half the thought of rain was the furthest thing from my mind. Western Michigan looked very solid for about 15-20 minutes then Michigan’s quarterback Denard Robinson and the defenses Brandon Herron made some great plays and the Broncos were in trouble. Half time came and it was sunny as I walked in the tunnel and as I sat down in the press room and looked at the monitor it had started raining buckets. In a historical move the game was canceled and the stadium was evacuated. Jonathan, the Kalamazoo Gazette photographer, and I stayed out getting soaking wet as eyeball sized raindrops came pelting down. The rain stopped and then a huge bolt of lighting streaked across the sky and it was time for us to head for cover. What a great start to the football season!!


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