Western Michigan Football

Have totally enjoyed covering all the Western Michigan Football Games. The weather has been fantastic and the games have been packed full of action. They looked so great starting out against University of Michigan! Good luck to the WMU football team in their last few away games!

Western Michigan's Anthony Parker lifts Chleb Ravnell in celebration after he ran the ball in for a touchdown against Notrhern Illinois.

Western Michigan's Eric Monette grabs a pass and then tries to escape the grasp of Northern Illinois' Dechane Durante and Johny Faustin.

Western Michigan's Brian Fields looks for an opening in the Northern Illinois defensive line.

Western Michigan's quarterback Alex Carder scampers through the Northern Illinois defensive line.

Western Michigan's Tevin Drake reacts to the Broncos 51-22 at the hands of Northern Illinois Saturday afternoon in DeKalb, Illinois. 

Western Michigan's Tevin Drake fights through a crowd of Ball State defenders as he scrambles for extra yards.

Western Michigan's Jordan White hangs onto a pass near the endzone as he is crushed in between Ball State defenders Curtez Hawkins, left, and Joshua Howard.

Western Michigan's Tevin Drake gets congratulated on the sidelines after scoring a touchdown against Ball State. 

Western Michigan's Dann O'Neill celebrates after the Broncos scored a field goal on Ball State in the fourth quarter.

Western Michigan's Ansel Ponder attempts to break free of the tackle attempt of Eastern Michigan's Justin Cudworth.

As Western Michigan's defensive linesman Travonte Boles (55) looks on as players scramble for a fumbled ball early in the first quarter.

Eastern Michigan's Trey Hunter gets launched in the air as Western Michigan's Rontavious Atkins tackles him in the open field.

Western Michigan's Tevin Drake and Chris Prom react after being stopped at the goal line in the fourth quarter by Eastern Michigan. Drake had his helmet ripped off during the play. Western Michigan lost to Eastern Michigan 14-10.

Western Michigan's Alex Carder launches a pass down field while on the run during their game against Eastern Michigan. Western was defeated 14-10.

Western Michigan's quarterback Alex Carder runs the ball against Eastern Michigan. Western was defeated 14-10.

Eastern Michigan's Willie Williams just misses catching an interception as Western Michigan's Jordan White, left, watches. Eastern won the game 14-10.

Western Michigan's defensive end Freddie Bishop sacks Eastern Michigan's quarterback Alex Gillett. Despite the effort Western recorded a lose against Eastern 14-10. 

Eastern Michigan's quarterback Alex Gillett gets hammered by Western Michigan's Demetrius Pettway, lower right, and Paul Hazel (99).

Eastern Michigan's Oliver Kathalay speeds to a touchdown against Western Michigan. Eastern defeated Western 14-10.

Western Michigan's Dervon Wallace, right, Scott Hinds, and a teammate take down Bowling Green's Jerry "Boo Boo" Gates.

Western Michigan's Demetrius Anderson cools down on the bench during their game against Bowling Green.

Western Michigan's quarterback Alex Carder.

Western Michigan's Robert Arnheim attempts to break free from the grasp of Bowling Green's Devon McKoy after he made a reception near the sideline.

Western Michigan Safety Doug Wiggins takes a quiet moment  in the endzone before their game against Bowling Green.


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